What is Lock Snapping and how can I protect my property against it? 

Lock Snapping is a real and growing threat to millions of property owners.

Basically lock snapping is a crude but simple and fast method used by burglars to break into  premises fitted with standard Euro Cylinder locks. No special skills or tools are needed, just  mole grips and brute force!
Standard Euro Cylinder locks are commonly found on uPVC doors and windows and also on the majority of  garage doors. Check yours and you will no doubt confirm that this is what you have yourself.

How are locks snapped?

It is sadly common knowledge now how lock snapping is done so we are not being irresponsible here, it is important that you understand how easy it is for your property to be invaded by this method and how to fight against it.

Lock snapping involves breaking away the front of a standard euro cylinder which then gives access to the locking mechanism behind. You might think that the multi locking points on your door or window will protect you  but don’t forget – the (now broken) lock cylinder operates all of these points and once breached your door, window or garage is open in seconds.

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